Folding Bikes
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Electric Folding Bikes

While you might not normally think of bikes having any additional power other than your that which comes from pumping your legs, there are actually some really exciting models of electric folding bikes. These bikes feature truly innovative designs that come packed with cutting edge features that will help you get around town and even accomplish some smooth commuting with great ease and convenience.

While some people may be a bit skeptical at first since these electric bike models are still relatively new to the scene, those who have finally tried them usually all agree that they are one of the most fun bikes that they have ridden.

And even though they are electric powered models, they still offer a great amount of power. And what is even more surprising is that they are able to pack in all of this power into a very small form factor. And when you consider that it gets even smaller as soon as you fold it down, you are sure to be blown away by just how small these particular models of bikes can get!

And what makes them seem even smaller is the fact that great care is put into their designs to insure the lightest weights possible, which makes them super easy to carry around and will not cause you to strain your back or arms while you are carrying it onto public transportation.

These bikes offer you the ability to both bike manually as well as kick in the electric power for the tougher inclines along the way.

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